We made this video at First 10 almost 3 years ago as a proof of concept for what could have been a whole series of videos, but we're only now allowed to show it in full.
I was lucky enough to be responsible for everything from art direction and illustration to the animation and sound design.
The idea was to create a story around a different athlete each time, using their stats and particular talents as inspiration for a plot and setting.
The music is a track by Tim McMorris called Heroes of The West, available on audiojungle.
The shadowy opposition were intended to be placeholder characters while I worked on the animation while I worked on the video, but they've ended up staying. That particular character is based on a 3D model created by Rodrigo Ribeiro, available here - goo.gl/ZF8oIG
Looking back at it there's a few things I'd change if I did it again, but It was a fun project to work on!
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