Dark Stars (Official Music Video)
Dark Stars - An animated musical Journey through the universe. Lyrics and music by Kev Minney Illustration and Animation by Rich Hinchcliffe Storyline by Rich & Kev Spotify - http://spoti.fi/2me3zU1 iTunes - http://bit.ly/2lXh7SL Animation - richh.co Music - kevminney.com Facebook - facebook.com/kevminney Twitter - @kevminney Instagram - instagram.com/kevminney Arts Council England - www.artscouncil.org.uk Musicians: Kev Minney - Guitar / Vocals Steph Brown - Backing Vocals Sophie Cousins - Backing Vocals Amy Squirrel - Cello Phil Searing - Violin Graham Burgess - Drums Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Jag Jago
Music, Animation, Art Direction
36 Days of Type (2017)
My entries to this years (2017) 36 Days of Type
Animation, Art Direction, Motion Graphics
Adobe: Content Everywhere
A set of looping, animated illustrations commissioned by Adobe to be used in a series of long-form articles published online. There were 5 or 6 animations for each article. This set was created for their 'Content Everywhere' article.
Illustration, Motion Graphics, Animation
Simple geometric Cinema 4D loops, rendered with OctaneRender. You can download the Cinema 4D project files for free at https://gumroad.com/richh
Art Direction, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Animated Paintings
Painted by Elicia Edijanto (eliciaedijanto.com) Animated by Rich Hinchcliffe (richh.co) Commissioned by Propaganda (propaganda.co.uk) - Propaganda commissioned artist Elicia Edijanto (be.net/eliciaedijanto) to paint the three wonderful scenes below, then asked me to bring them to life and turn each one into a short, looping animation which could be used online.
Animation, Painting
ESPN: Goatbusters
A few animations for an ESPN article about the Chicago Cubs. Art Directed by Heather Donahue (https://twitter.com/heatd) Illustrated by Elias Stein (http://www.eliasstein.com/), animated by me (http://richh.co/)
Illustration, Animation
ESPN: Stars of the Premier League
A set of animated GIF's for ESPN FC, to launch the 2016 Premier League. Illustrated by Martin Laksman (http://martin.laksman.com.ar/), animated by Rich Hinchcliffe (http://richh.co), with creative direction by Neil Jamieson (http://www.njamieson.com/) Full article, written by Iain Macintosh here → http://www.espnfc.co.uk/espn/feature/story/_/id/17226055/stars-premier-league
Illustration, Motion Graphics, Animation
ESPN: How to Take a Penalty
A set of animated GIF's for ESPN FC, for an article used during EURO 2016 Illustrated by Martin Laksman (http://martin.laksman.com.ar/), animated by Rich Hinchcliffe (http://richh.co), with creative direction by Neil Jamieson (http://www.njamieson.com/) Full article, written by James Tyler (https://twitter.com/JamesTylerESPN), here → http://goo.gl/wRU6Yh
Animation, Character Design, Illustration
ESPN: Euro 2016 Stadiums
A collection of looping GIF's of all the Euro 2016 stadiums for ESPN FC to use on social media. Illustration by L-dopa Design (http://l-dopa.com/), animation by Rich Hinchcliffe (http://richh.co), with creative direction and layout design by Neil Jamieson at ESPN.
Animation, Illustration, Motion Graphics
ESPN: Leicester's Heroes
A collection of looping animated GIF's of the Leicester City team for ESPN. Illustrated by Martin Laksman (http://martin.laksman.com.ar/), animated by Rich Hinchcliffe (http://richh.co), with creative direction by Neil Jamieson (http://www.njamieson.com/)
Animation, Character Design, Illustration
The results of some early experiments with Mandlebulb 3D, just for fun. The level of detail you can achieve with this little piece of software is mind blowing. Take a look at the 5k render here - https://goo.gl/1Nk5Og
Architecture, Illustration
The Sharpshooter
We made this video at First 10 almost 3 years ago as a proof of concept for what could have been a whole series of videos, but we're only now allowed to show it in full. I was lucky enough to be responsible for everything from art direction and illustration to the animation and sound design. The idea was to create a story around a different athlete each time, using their stats and particular talents as inspiration for a plot and setting. The music is a track by Tim McMorris called Heroes of The West, available on audiojungle. The shadowy opposition were intended to be placeholder characters while I worked on the animation while I worked on the video, but they've ended up staying. That particular character is based on a 3D model created by Rodrigo Ribeiro, available here - goo.gl/ZF8oIG Looking back at it there's a few things I'd change if I did it again, but It was a fun project to work on! Created while at First 10 Digital - first10.co.uk
Animation, Art Direction, Illustration
Engage Foundation Explainer
A short animation I created at First 10 to help explain the Engage Foundation. All the 3D animation was created in Cinema 4D, with all the characters and a few other bits animated in After Effects and brought into the scene as animated textures. I wanted it all to look hand made, as much like a little model set as possible, hence the use of the papery and simple sketched textures.
Animation, Creative Direction, Illustration
Prozone External Comms
An impactful, text led promo video highlighting the importance of data in sports
Art Direction, Creative Direction, Motion Graphics
AVIVA Explainer Videos
While I was at First 10, we worked on a lot of short videos to try help explain some of Aviva's products. I was responsible for setting the style, illustration and animation for the first set of videos. Subsequent videos were based on that style - although I think their branding has now changed, so it probably won't be around for much longer :)
Animation, Art Direction, Illustration
Rugby League 2015: Every Minute Matters
Animated while at First 10 Digital (www.first10.co.uk) for The RFL (www.therfl.co.uk). -- An animated explainer video we created for the RFL to help explain now new league structure changes that came into effect in 2015. Agency: First 10 Digital Client: The RFL Illustration & Animation: Me, Ricky e'Sousa (1:00 - 2:30)
Animation, Creative Direction, Illustration
First 10’s Showreel
The showreel I put together for First 10 Digital (first10.co.uk) when I worked there. Find out more about them at first10.co.uk! All clips animated, edited and illustrated (except the Elephant and kids eating rice!) by me. Enjoy! p.s. Because someone always asks - the music is Broadcast 2000's cover version of 'Gonna Build a Mountain'
Creative Direction, Illustration, Motion Graphics
Video: King of the Media Castle
A video all about video - specifically how powerful it can be as an engaging, easy to understand and easy to share form of content marketing.
Animation, Art Direction, Creative Direction
Video Project: Style Exploration
Some style screens from a video (about video!) that never saw the light of day. We ended up creating this instead - https://www.behance.net/gallery/33316087/Video-King-of-the-Media-Castle
Art Direction, Illustration, Motion Graphics
CWS: Logo Animation
A quick animation of a logo design by Roham Bayat - I just made it move
Animation, Art Direction, Motion Graphics
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